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The song you are listening to whilst viewing this page is Groovin With Mr Bloe

a song Bernie co-wrote

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Ascendancy Records is

headed up by Bernard Cochrane

a veteran of the business.

Bernie holds many major credits across the

music and entertainment industry, including but not

limited to that of:

Head of Promotion

Professional Manager

Record Producer

Television Producer

Head of Publicity

Video Producer

Artist Management

Song Writer

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Major Credits in

Television production

and Sponsorship



Bernie can be credited with

having worked with,

worked on, and

‘given’ a substantial

number of artists and

product success

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The Battle of the Bands [TDK]

  The World Disco Dancing Championships [Malibu]

     The TSW Pop/Rock Contest

       The Cinzano Model of the Year Contest

         Royal Charity Concert

Artist Management





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famous historic Iconic mosaic from Kenwood.

Now on world display

The V&A London Sept 2016 to Feb 2017  

Montreal's Museum of Fine Arts from June 12  to 8 Oct 2017  

Fabbrica del Vapore Museum Milan 4th Dec 2017 to

4 Apr 2018

ING Brussels 24 Oct 2018 to 10 March 2019

Melbourne Museum 27 April to 5 Oct 2019

and finally Paris La Villette  22 April to 30 August 2020

Check out The Psychedelic Eyes website at:

See the videos  just Google

John Lennon Psychedelic Eye V&A

Bernie Cochrane has brought many productions and programmes to television working with many

Television companies both in the United Kingdom and throughout the world. United Kingdom television companies include The BBC; Channel 4: ITV; Television South West. Many programmes such as The Battle of the Bands [BBC 1 Television] were the ‘forerunners’ of many ‘similar’ type programmes that

were to follow, they were also ‘originators’ in sponsorship in television.